Support Local: Almonte Day!!


What: 613 Pop-up Shop

When: 10am-4pm

Where: Old Town Hall, 14 Bridge St, Almonte

Head down to the Old Town Hall for the 613 pop-up shop. Featuring some of the area’s best crafters, makers, boutiques and more, with local bands serenading your pop-up shopping experience. It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun and Walkers General Store will be there with our paper goods + stationery! We will be debuting some new designs like our new Reindeer Christmas card below. Plus, there are more events taking place all over Almonte – see details here. Please come by and say ‘hello’, we would love to see you.

Christmas Reindeer Card

Etsy: Made In Canada and beyond

The countdown is on…only 5 days to go…

Etsy-MadeInCanadaLong story short, I opened my Etsy shop Walkers General Store  in May of this year. At the moment there is a small collection of paper goods; handmade notecards, notebooks and art prints. I am planning to expand the shop to include textiles and much more in the very near future but that is another story.

When I first found out about the Etsy: Made In Canada show, I was on the fence about applying. Could I have enough stock by the end of September?  Everything was still so very new to me but I figured if nothing else it would be good exposure for the shop – question mark? As you already know I was accepted to be part of the show and when I received the news I immediately set to work preparing. One of the first things to tackle was the display. I knew I wanted something different something that would ‘feel’ like walking into an old school local mercantile/general store. I also wanted to only use materials that we already had on hand. Personally, I am super happy with the results. The stand alone walls are a little on the heavy side (as in, not easily carried by a single person) and because they sit in concrete piers, they cannot be placed close together.

Walkers General Store Display

Walkers General Store Display* My apologies for the lousy images, the lighting wasn’t great and we just had our phones with us!

Make It In Design Summer School {Final Part One}

It is hard to believe that summer is coming to an end and with it, the Make It In Design summer school! (If you are interested in the previous assignments you can read about them here and here). This time around I am determined to design something for all three tracks. I took a look at all three briefs when they went live and started Pinterest boards for each of them; Jewels, Feathers and Intricate Chaos. I am excited about all three briefs so hopefully this will help to produce designs for all of them!

Jewel Moodboard

Jewel Moodboard


Make It In Design Summer School Creative Brief #2 – Tribal Pattern

The Make It In Design Creative Brief 2 was another difficult one (I am guessing that I will find them all difficult). I began as I usually do, sourcing inspiration wherever I can; books, things around the house, the internet (yes, even after watching Bonnie Christine on Creative Live talk about sourcing your own inspiration)! I tried to keep the internet inspiration to a minimum though. I found this difficult because though I am drawn to strong, bold geometrics I don’t feel I am very skilled at it. But that is one of the main reasons I signed up for this course, to see where it might take me stylistically.  Once I had a feel for the theme I started sketching and as usual really enjoyed this part of the process – I could probably continue sketching indefinitely! Below is a selection from my sketchbook.

Make It In Design Summer School Creative Brief #2 - Tribal Motif Sketches

Make It In Design Summer School Creative Brief #2 – Tribal Motif Sketches

I didn’t get around to submitting my design for the first brief (let alone all three) and I wanted to be certain not miss this one, so I opted to use the colour palette (almost) that was provided. I played and played with different patterns without much success. I also tried to add some texture to the vector elements but was largely unsuccessful. There are so many amazing, creative folks participating in this summer school who produce such beautiful, textured work with incredible depth to it. How do they do it? I have to keep reminding myself that I am just starting out and there is much to learn.

Since it is close to the deadline I decided to go with the pattern below. Mission accomplished – at least I didn’t miss the deadline!

Make It In Design Summer School Creative Brief #2 Tribal Pattern

Make It In Design Summer School Creative Brief #2 Tribal Pattern

Moving forward, I would like to work on incorporating more hand drawn elements for some texture. Just putting that out there to remind myself because I do tend to forget these things! AND I really want to try my hand at some mock ups!


Make It In Design Summer School – Creative Brief #1 {Beginner}

I received the first creative brief this morning and I have to say I am super excited about the whole thing. I have joined the Facebook Group and there are so many amazing, creative individuals participating, it’s just what I need, a community of inspiring people.

I have done some searching for inspiration and created a new Pinterest board specifically for this brief. I am really drawn to the vintage botanical drawings and would really like to produce something in this vein if possible. Now onto the sketches…

Make It In Design Beginner Creative Brief 1 - Tropical Paradise

Make It In Design Beginner Creative Brief 1 – Tropical Paradise

The above are just a few sketches. I think I am leaning towards the botanical…lots of interesting material there; pineapple,  banana trees and some really wild looking flowers! I could probably break this up into a variety of themes like tropical waters, tropical birds…the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, there are a finite number of hours in the day!


First Attempt at Surface Pattern Design {Part One}

I signed up for a Skillshare course on Surface Pattern Design in November 2013 and am just getting around to working on some of them now. The class I most recently started is Intriductionto Surface Design with Jenna Frye. The eventual goal is to design an entire pattern collection! The first task is to create two 5″x5″ squares of contrasting patterns (at least three sets in total, or six patterns) in greyscale. The demos Jenna provides are super helpful and I am loving the course so far.

Here are my preliminary sketches;

Preliminary Sketches for Introduction to Surface Pattern

Preliminary Sketches for Introduction to Surface Pattern

I brainstormed a bunch and made a list of themes/ideas before I got down to sketching. The ideas are; arrows+hearts (since Valentine’s Day is approaching), spring floral (specifically the Nanking Cherry blossom) and land+sea (mountain and wave motifs). I sketched these ideas out super quick and then jumped right into Illustrator cause I was so excited to move forward!

Valentine - Arrows+Hearts pattern in greyscale

Valentine – Arrows+Hearts

It’s obvious in the arrow pattern than I screwed up – will need to fix that!

Spring Flowers and Showers surface pattern design in greyscale

Spring Flowers and Showers