First Attempt at Surface Pattern Design {Part One}

I signed up for a Skillshare course on Surface Pattern Design in November 2013 and am just getting around to working on some of them now. The class I most recently started is Intriductionto Surface Design with Jenna Frye. The eventual goal is to design an entire pattern collection! The first task is to create two 5″x5″ squares of contrasting patterns (at least three sets in total, or six patterns) in greyscale. The demos Jenna provides are super helpful and I am loving the course so far.

Here are my preliminary sketches;

Preliminary Sketches for Introduction to Surface Pattern

Preliminary Sketches for Introduction to Surface Pattern

I brainstormed a bunch and made a list of themes/ideas before I got down to sketching. The ideas are; arrows+hearts (since Valentine’s Day is approaching), spring floral (specifically the Nanking Cherry blossom) and land+sea (mountain and wave motifs). I sketched these ideas out super quick and then jumped right into Illustrator cause I was so excited to move forward!

Valentine - Arrows+Hearts pattern in greyscale

Valentine – Arrows+Hearts

It’s obvious in the arrow pattern than I screwed up – will need to fix that!

Spring Flowers and Showers surface pattern design in greyscale

Spring Flowers and Showers


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